Headliners Concert Committee Street Team is an extension of Headliners Concert Committee at the University of Arkansas. The purpose is to give students outside of the committee opportunities to be involved with events put on by Headliners Concert Committee and gain experience with the committee overall. Street Team members are NOT committee members; their tasks will primarily involve promotion and student out reach. Street Team members will not attend weekly committee meetings nor will they be involved in artist selection, creative, logistic, budgeting, or promotion decisions made by the committee. Street Team members will not be allowed back stage at Headliners’ shows nor will they participate in meet-and-greets with artists.

Tasks & Duties may include but not be limited to:

  • Attend occasional committee meetings (once or twice a semester) as the committee sees fit
  • Meet with select committee members regarding Street Team events/activities
  • Assist with ticketing
  • Work promotion events
  • Distribute flyers on and off campus at dining halls, dorms, sorority and fraternity houses, and student apartment complexes
  • Assist with art, particularly during the week leading up to Springtime of Youth Music Festival
  • Assist with miscellaneous activities during and after shows such as:
    • Helping to swipe IDs for Hogsync
    • Clean up
    • Other activities

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